I say, does your dog need a ride?

Cavalier Courier is just the thing! We pride ourselves on exceptional canine transport services.

We're on our way!

With everyone in tow, we'll get your dog to the show!

We're glad we chose Cavalier Courier!

Cavalier Courier prides itself on keeping your small dog happy all the way to the show. Contact us to see how happy your dog can be!

We know that how you feel about your award winning pup can't be measured. That's why we are dedicated to making sure they get to the show without a care in the world. Cavalier Courier started because we recognized a need in helping others transport their small dogs to and from shows. No other service can offer the same level of attention and care that we can. We dedicate one-on-one attention to your pet every step of the way, making sure that they're they happiest they can be. Dog transportation isn't about a business transaction, it's about taking care of a very special family member and we want to make sure that they're happy and ready to shine.

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  • Special Needs
  • Special Delivery

fun-runYour furry family member is a champion.
That's why they deserve individual attention on every leg of their journey. Our expert handler takes the time to regularly check in with your pet, to see if there's anything that can be done to make traveling easier. When you think about someone transporting your family member, don't you want that person to love and care as much about them as you do?

onlookerDoes your dog take medication?

Our handlers are experts at making sure your pet will stay on their medication regimen. We work with you to ensure your pawsome family member gets exctly what they need when they need it so that they can continue to perform at their best.

Image of a cavalier puppy with a stickWhat's the mail man's motto?

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

We are dedicated to getting your dog wherever they need to go. Whether by car, plane, boat, or train - our Cavalier Couriers will make sure your pet arrives safely.

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